COSMIC CON 2017 Online Pre Registration Form
PLEASE READ: The online registration form will allow you to submit your entry for a sure spot for the Cosmic Con contests and to save you time.
Current Contests are:
The Cosmic Kid - Chibi Kids Category
The Cosmic ONE -Individual Category
Cosmic Battle Royale -Group Category

The Cosmic K-IDOL online registration form will be in another link: (Copy/Paste link below)

For Cosmic Battle Royale, please indicate names of members and their characters.

We will limit the number of walk-in contestants.

Email address
1. ONE Costume Entry is allowed per contest.
Please note on the age requirements:
Chibi - 2 to 10 years old (Guardians are allowed on stage)
Individual - 11 years old and above.
Group - 2 years old and above (Guardian should be a Shadow Ninja or Group member)

2. Genres allowed: Anime, Cartoons, Gaming, Manga, Tokusatsu, Super Sentai, Western or Japanese TV series or Movies.
Political, Controversial , Hentai or any provocative character from any genre or from real life is prohibited.

3. Shadow Ninjas allowed, but must be registered.

4. Props will be PROACTIVELY PRESENTED to the registration marshal for safety inspection and must meet the following standards:
a. Swords/Daggers -Blunt (Not sharp or pointed)
b. Prop Guns /Launchers/ Blasters (Big or Small) - BB Guns, Spring Guns, Airsoft Guns, Foam Guns, Soaker Guns, Modern warfare and Futuristic (MUST BE UNLOADED FOR GENERAL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS).
c.Grenades/ Explosive devices - Plastic and lightweight.
d. Integrated LED Props I.e. Lightsabers /Laser swords/ Shields - Does not affect the eyesight or must not cause blindness. Free from external electrical shock.
e. Musical Instruments - (If it's a character requirement) Please bring your own.

5. Former winners, runner ups and contestants from the previous events organized by the management (ICozplay Idol 2013 , Cosmic Con in 2014, Cosplay Rumble Zone 2014, Toku Con 2014 and Cosplay Rumble 2016 ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE.....But we encourage the costume entry & stage performance should be different. Meaning, if you are already known as a MECHA/Armored Cosplayer, it's time to change it , even if the version is different and the features are still the same ,we suggest a brand new entry. We can identify it because the registration team are keen on who, when and what the participant cosplayed in the past.

6. We recommend that you Pre Register Online to save you time , but on the day of the contest, do check with the registration if your entry is registered. If your name is not on the list for any reason,...relax, your entry will be entered manually. Change of entry is allowed , however we will not accept any changes AFTER registration time is closed on the event day.

4 Copies of your Entry Portfolio - A4 Size paper (Colored) (NO OTHER SIZES and NOT BLACK AND WHITE) , Include image of character (individual or group) Name of Contestant, Name of Character etc...must be submitted at the Registration Booth near the stage.

8. BGVM (Background Video/Music) File Mp4 or Mp3
To be Submitted at the Tech booth after registering.
For quality checking and prevention of technical problems, please have your files checked and DO NOT leave your flashdrives at the tech booth.

9. Costumes should be worn before the contest proper begins.

10. Please follow the call time given by the stage marshal. If you need to go to the lavatory (C.R.) prior to wearing your costume, please do so to avoid any mishaps.

11. Hygiene - Please do be presentable (Clean and odor free) before and after registering to prevent untoward remarks from others.

a. Stage time minimum 2 minutes for Chibi, Individual or Group.
b. Maximum stage time is 5 minutes. Please advice registration if it will exceed 5 minutes for proper timing coordination.
c. Please be mindful of the video wall and other equipment on the stage. If the damage is verified, it will be charged to the participant who caused it. Contestants and attendees are liable for any damages if the venue and partner's stage/property, equipment will be damaged.
d. Approaching the judges before, during and after the contest is prohibited.
e. Scratching, slamming or hitting the stage floor, and jumping off the stage to the audience area are STRONGLY PROHIBITED.
f. Explosive effects (Smoke bombs) Strongly Prohibited. We have a smoke machine. Please coordinate with the tech team.
g. Technical operation by your tech/prop support representative of the tech booth is prohibited. Please coordinate with the tech team for your preferences and sequences. Your representative is allowed to be there with the tech team but will not operate the equipment.
h. TECHNICAL PROBLEMS - Should the file submitted will not play even if it's tested or any untoward incident/situation that hampers your performance ...we will allow the participant(s) to start over or in a later time of the contest.
i. Kissing or provocative scenes is STRONGLY PROHIBITED.
j. No spitting on the stage.
k. TWIST PERFORMANCE - A plus but not mandatory to make your Stage time and audience impact be enticing to the judges.
l. Be at your best performance.

13. The Winner(s) will receive cash prizes from the organizing committee, management and sponsors. Runner Ups will receive consolation prizes. All contestants should be IN FULL COSTUME and is/are ready before the AWARDING Segment. Winners will be disqualified if the winning entry costume is not worn completely for any reason.

14. The judges scoring will be verified by the management and it will be final and irrevocable.

Good Luck!!!

Costume Craftsmanship - 25%
Costume Accuracy - 25%
Performance - 30%
Overall - 15%
Audience Impact - 5%
Legal Name / or Representative of Group - Please Include Shadow Ninjas if you have them. (No Aliases please).
For Group Entries Only (Cosmic Battle Royale) - Names of Members and their characters.Please Include Shadow Ninjas if you have them.
Complete Address (For Groups please indicate group leader's address)
Active Mobile/Phone number
Entry Choices (Please choose Category of the Contest that you will join in.)
Name of Character Chibi/ Individual / Group (Shadow Ninja Props support must also be registered)
Genre, Title, Origin Ex: (Game, LOL) (Anime, 7 Deadly Sins)
Checklist: Please put a check mark on the following to be sure you have prepared and submit them on the day of the contest category.
Reminders and Disclaimers (Must Read)
Cosmic Con 2017 management , the organizer, the partners and the sponsors have the right to refuse a contestant and non-contestant and be disqualified and banned from the event due to the following reasons:

1) ANY Untoward behavior, remarks and actions to fellow contestants, attendees, marshals, administrators, registration and the event management itself.

2) Spitting, Vulgar remarks on or off stage, littering, loitering in other areas that disturbs the venue's operation.

3) Fighting - Verbal or physical.

4) Sexual Harassment - We have zero tolerance on this matter.

5) Public Scandal - Defaming the event name within or outside the event venue through verbal means. Displaying of remarks that defames the event which represents the organizer, management, partners and the venue itself.

(Depending on the gravity of the violation, LEGAL ACTION MAY BE APPLIED)

- - - - - -

All contestants should be IN FULL COSTUME and ready before the AWARDING Segment. Winners will be disqualified if the winning entry costume is not worn completely.

Changing of entry AFTER the closing of registration on the day of the contest will not be accepted.

Cosmic Con will not be liable for any damages or losses from costumes, props ore personal belongings.

Contestants and attendees are liable for any damages if the venue and partner's stage/property, equipment will be damaged.

For your questions or clarifications please email

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