Family Engagement Survey: "Family Engagement" is anyway that a child's adult caretaker (biological parent(s), grandparent(s), aunt(s), uncle(s), sibling(s), foster parent(s), guardian(s), etc.) effectively supports learning and healthy development. Answers to the following questions are for BMLK Jr. Academy school use only.
This survey opportunity is being provided in order to improve the home-school-connection for students and their families at BMLK Jr. Academy. Please take a few minutes to share your involvement/experience with BMLK Jr. Academy by completing the following 24 questions.
Email address
Do you have a family member that attends BMLK Jr. Academy?
Family Involvement/Interaction with BMLK Jr. Academy
Please indicate the answer that best fits your family's involvement with the school.
How often have you met in person with your family member's teacher(s) at BMLK Jr. Academy?
How involved have you been with parent/family member groups at BMLK Jr. Academy?
How involved have you been in fundraising efforts at BMLK Jr. Academy?
Would you be interested in being contacted regarding helping with fundraising for school events such as school dances, talent shows, movie nights, etc.?
In the past school year, how often have you helped out at BMLK Jr. Academy?
Family Support
The amount of academic and social support that you and your family provides your child/family member with outside of school.
How often do you have conversations with your child/family member about what their class is learning at school?
How often do you help your child/family member engage in activities which are educational outside the home?
To what extent do you know how your child is doing socially at school?
How often do you help your child/family member understand the content they are learning at school?
How often do you and your child/family member talk when they are having a problem with others?
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