TreeFolks' Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program Application

TreeFolks’ Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program works to restore forested buffers near stream areas and in floodplains in Travis County.

Reforesting these streamsides, which are called riparian areas, will restore degraded banks and wildlife habitat, enhance downstream water quality and quantity, and bolster resilience in the face of the anticipated stressors of urbanization and climate change.

Fill out the survey below if you would like to receive reforesting services absolutely free of charge. Services include free trees, planting services, and consultations.

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I certify that I am the owner, or an owner’s authorized agent, of the property described above (Grantor). I grant a Right of Entry and Use to said property to the Grantee: TreeFolks, its employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors and volunteers for the purpose of assessing the need, implementation and follow-up assessments for the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program. TreeFolks shall notify the Grantor no less than twenty-four (24) hours in advance of any and all entry and use to said property owner from the grantee, its employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors and volunteers. This entry and use agreement shall remain in effect for five (5) years and will cease upon change of ownership or at the request of the grantor. I agree to hold harmless the grantees named above, and any of their employees, agents, contractors, subcontractors and volunteers, for damages of any type whatsoever, either to the above-described property or to a person situated thereon during the authorized activities described above. I release, discharge, and waive any action, either legal or equitable, that might arise by reason of any action of the Grantees, while implementing the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program on the property. Upon request, I will mark any sewer lines, septic tanks, water lines, and utilities located on the described property. I certify the information listed above is true and accurate and agree to the terms and conditions of the Travis County Floodplain Reforestation Program. *
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