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Join the Malaya Movement, a broad movement of individuals, organizations, and various formations united under our objectives to defend human rights, democracy, and sovereignty in the Philippines which is expressed through the following points of unity:

1. Democracy: We stand for democracy that is founded on full participation of the broad majority of the Filipino people. We uphold the necessity of institutions in a democratic society such as media, institutions of faith and education to exist without repressive interference from the government, military, or other civil bodies. We denounce the practice of political dynasties and the use of wealth to gain unfair advantage.

2. Human Rights: We stand for people’s rights which includes civil and political rights, socio-cultural rights and the right to self-determination. We denounce  and work to end extrajudicial killings, a culture of impunity, and all forms of human rights violations.

3. Sovereignty: We stand for a genuine national sovereignty and assert that the waters, lands, and resources of the Philippine nation should be enjoyed and principally employed in the service of the Filipino people. We denounce unequal military and economic agreements that extract resources or take advantage of our lands and waters to the detriment of the Filipino people.

Please fill out this form if you would like to become a members of the Malaya Movement. After filling it up, one of our organizers will get in contact with you to set up a new member orientation.  

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Our objectives are to defend human rights, democracy, and sovereignty in the Philippines through our points of unity, which are: 1) Stop the Killings 2) Say No to Fascist Dictatorship 3) Scrap EO 70, MO 32 and All Other de facto Martial Law Policies 4) End Corruption and the Practice of Political Dynasty in the Philippines 5) Stand for Genuine Democracy 6) Defend Philippine Sovereignty Against All Foreign Powers. Do you accept our points of unity? *
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