The Exam Debate staff online survey
At the Discover: Teaching and Learning Conference and Exhibition on 29 June 2016, LLI is hosting a debate on the use, purpose and value of examination as a mode of assessment in Higher Education. We want you to be involved in shaping the argument so that we can introduce well considered changes in response to the University strategic imperative to vary the way that we assess our students, and to reduce the volume of exams.
Please share your experience of exams with us. This survey is anonymous, and we only ask you to leave your email if you want to be contacted to pitch your views at the debate. Note: this can be prepared in advance if you are unable to be present on the 29 June.
More details on the Conference and Exhibition are at
What kinds of exams do students experience most on your programme? (check all that apply)
Which type of assessments do you feel are the most valuable for measuring student learning in your subject?
What purposes do you have for using exams as opposed to coursework?
In your opinion, what is the best balance of coursework to exam? *
Which students do you mostly examine?
Consider the following statements about exams and to what extent you agree/disagree with them
Please check one response per statement
Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
Exams help bring learning on my module together
Students learn new things while preparing for exams
Students understand my subject better as a result of exams
To do well in exams you just need a good memory
To succeed in exams you can be selective about what you study
Exams are a fair form of assessment
Exams build up resilience for the world of work
List three things that stand out as benefits for students in taking exams
List three things you see as being a disadvantage for students of taking exams
Under the new curriculum, the University is looking to reduce the exam load substantially. What do you see are the major challenges of this?
Any other comments...
Degree programmes you teach on, or area of student learning support
Clear selection
Are your willing to pitch your case at The Exam Debate on 29th June? (please add your e-mail address in the space below if you would like to participate)
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