{ZOZ} Dev Kit Application
Fill this form out to apply for a DEV KIT for the ZOZ BENTO mesh nails in SecondLife.
Your application may take up to a week for review. Please be patient and aware that not everyone will be accepted.

I really appreciate your interest and look forward to helping you add this applier line to your label.

Important things to consider before applying. Please be sure that your past work is original you. Be sure your not using any branding that breaks SecondLife's TOS from RL brands or icons. The kit will NOT have a prefab texture in it, just the UV guide line and relevant prims, scripts and what not. So be sure you have the relevant software and are able to make your own textures. This nail will not work with prefab templates found on Marketplace.

Feel free to contact {ZOZ} Customer Service if it has been more then 7 days since you applied ( Roni Southmoor )

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I understand and I agree to common a sense TOS. Obviously as a terms of receiving this kit, at sign up you agree that all information, textures, scripts and meshes in this kit belong to the {ZOZ} label. And that they are only to be used as reference material and not to be directly copied for any reason nor sold. With the exception of using the scripts in your own huds for the purpose of reselling your own work to an end user at a price or promotion that works for your brand. *
Thank you for your desire to dev for the {ZOZ} BENTO nails! I personally look forward to seeing your application and the beautiful art you create. ~Zoz
P.S. I am planning on some ways to help you introduce your new creations into the {ZOZ} market of loyal shoppers.
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