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Please submit your requests for agenda topics in Richmond Neighborhood Association board meetings.

Note: Submitting a request does not guarantee a spot on the agenda.

Please await an email from the RNA Chair indicating if the agenda item was accepted, what time and date you will present, what to bring, and how long you have to present.

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There is usually about 75 minutes of agenda time per meeting. We usually have more agenda topics than available time, so we ask you to be concise. These meetings are for the RNA members, so include time for discussion and decisions, if applicable. Topics requesting 30 minutes or more may be deferred to a special session.
What do you hope to achieve by this topic being discussed? How could we measure that discussing the topic was successful?
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What (specifically) do you hope would be achieved by your requested topic being addressed at an RNA meeting?
I understand that I need to submit any materials or handouts 2 weeks in advance to be distributed to the neighborhood. *
Send any materials to richmond.pdx.chair@gmail.com
Is there a deadline by which the RNA must address your requested topic?
Please give one month advance notice. The RNA meets on the second Monday of each month.
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