Vendor application for Jyväskylä Summer Knit Festival 2018
Apply to vend at Jyväskylä Knit Fest!
Jyväskylä Knit Fest is organised on 4th to 7th of July, 2019.

The event is at Toivola Old Courtyard and the covered marketplace is open on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th of July. We offer three different spots; tables under the covered yard, tables on the basement and cottages. We have four cottages on the upper yard. Cottages are 2x3m² in size, tables are 130 x 75cm. In the basement the size of tables varies a bit, but there are also shelves for you to use.

Our marketplace is specialised in knitting yarns and supplies. We might get a lot of applications so we might have to choose our vendors. The application is open until 20th of March. We will inform the applicants no later than 27th of March.

In case you need further information, please send us email to jyvaskylaknitfest(at) Our festival venue is based in Toivolan vanha piha,

Knit Fest Marketplace is open Friday 5th of July hours 10-18 and Saturday 6th of July hours 10-17.

We offer three different spots:

450e. The size of the cottage is 2x3m². Cottages have a side window that opens to a shelf, and they have lots of shelves inside. If you wish to, you may use the outside of the cottage to display your items.

There are three spots in our basement. The basement also has its own bathroom.

Table spots are outside, under two tents. Tables are 130 x 75cm in size.

You may bring your own 3x3m² tent and sell items from it. Please note that you should be able to put up the tent by yourself. We cannot guarantee helpers at this point. You may leave the tent to Toivola over night, but we must arrange your items behind locked doors. In case you don't have a van or such other, we have suitable areas in the courtyard for your items.

Prices are announced without VAT. The VAT of 24% will be added to the prices. Yarn store TitiTyy will invoice you the sum during April. Your application is binding agreement and we cannot return your money in case of you need to cancel your attendance. Your company must have business ID and it must be VAT-registered.

Your spot at the marketplace must be clean and it should be open all the hours that the marketplace is open. So please arrive on time and don’t leave until marketplace shuts down. All the spots include electricity and table.

Because our marketplace is located outside, all your items and displays must be taken down and put behind locked doors for the night. There are places in Toivola Old Courtyard where you can store your items for the night.

We hope that you are actively involved in promoting your attendance to Knit Fest.

Knit Fest promotes your involvement in the next social media sites:
- Knit Fest homepage
- Knit Fest Facebook-page
- Knit Fest Instagram-account
- Knit Fest Ravelry-group
- Press releases

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