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As part of our mission to ensure that everyone can benefit from our project, we're looking for organisations and companies who want to join our network to drive social change by providing a high quality education for MENA students in the key aspects of Smart grid concept with the emphasis on its application and technology, therefore enabling them to take responsible, creative, challenging and stimulating posts in policy making, industry or research in this targeted field.

The benefits of participation in the AT-SGIRES project network include:

1- Share Knowledge between project members and stakholders through our portal and website
2- Participate in improve higher education learning outcomes
3- Assess the relationship between higher education and employment
4- Assess the impact of higher education on worker productivity
5- Have a great connection by engaging with other stakeholders through several events and activities that will be organized by our partners.

If you can provide a welcoming space for our project members, or access our learning experience - we would love you to join us!

If you are still not sure if this is the right membership for your organisation or company give us a call on +962-6-4294214 or email us at to know more about our project.

we are stronger together!
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