10th Gen. Civic Si Sedan 3rd Brake Flasher Order Form
NOTE: Please confirm that your connectors appear as shown below before filling out the form. This module ONLY fits the 10th gen Si Sedan with trunklid brake light and the connectors shown below. You will need to remove the trunk lid liner to install this module and zip-ties (not included) to secure it.

The connectors are tiny and thus the wires are fragile! Be extra cautious if unplugging the module!

To request a module shipped to your address, please enter your name and Paypal email. I will send you an invoice over Paypal when the modules are ready for shipment. Please have your current shipping address in PayPal. Thank you!

Price: $40 including shipping to US 50

- Adjustable: 16 patterns available by setting internal dip switches. See pattern video below.
- Plug-N-Play: Assembled with Honda OEM connectors for zero modification to your existing wire harness. Requires no splicing, tapping, or soldering.
- Increased Visibility: Increase the visibility of your car when braking. Grab the attention of the driver behind you!

Added features:
- Wires wrapped with Tesa® Automotive Dampening Tape

- To US 50 Only with USPS Priority Padded Envelope (1-3 Business Days once picked up by USPS).
- Insured and trackable with USPS
Female Connector (Brake Light)
Male Connector (Harness)
Module Demo
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