AGSA 2019 Banner Contest Voting
It's easy peasy to vote... and please, only one vote allowed per player, thanks!

1) Review the team banners at this link:

2) Vote for your first, second and third choice.

3) Winners will be announced at closing ceremonies!

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First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
6U - Alicorns (Brito)
6U - Exploding Purple Cupcakes (Bettcher)
6U - California Jackrabbits (Perry)
6U - Lil' Stompers (Ruelas)
8U - B.B.D.G. (Morales)
8U - Blue Jays (Breslin)
8U - Base Invaders (McGowan)
8U - Purple Panthers (Smith)
8U - Green Lightning (Salmon)
10U - Rampage (Gradney)
10U - Flaming Fury (Lambert)
10U - Purple Devils (Larsen)
10U - Blue Streak (Shoblo)
10U - Pegasus (Naffziger)
12/14U - Frostbite (Cooper)
12/14U - Flamin' Angels (Sullivan)
12/14U - Pink Lightning (Allison)
12/14U - Purple Thunder (Ferris/Espinoza)
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