Exchange.js - May 4th Demo Signup
Have an exciting project you've built with JavaScript? Do you like prizes? Then come demo and bring home some swag!

You'll be given 6 minutes to demo your app, with no slides or notes, just your project and your code. There will be no questions from the audience.

Prizes will be awarded to:

1) Most inspiring
2) Most beneficial to the community
3) Audience favourite*

Projects of all types are welcome, be they open or closed source, in the public domain or proprietary, an application or a library that can be used by other apps.

By entering the contest you agree that we might share photos or videos of your demo on our website ( or social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube). We don't make any claims to the actual content of your demo or the app. What's yours is yours.

Also, a friendly reminder that we're a respectful space and to participate you need to follow our code of conduct ( Basically, keep it clean and respectful folks.

If you have questions please contact

* We'll do a vote by secret ballet after all the demos are done. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined in a manner decided by the judges (probably random number generation).

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