NO STUDENT LEFT: Get Involved is an initiative to make online schooling more accessible to Filipino students. Technology should be a bridge, but it's currently a barrier. If you can read this page, you already have better access than most Filipino students—but that doesn't mean the learning provided to you is just, either. The following are the three areas we hope to tackle.

Our main projects are the following:

Our campaign is working to craft a list of demands and commitments for educators/institutions to listen to in online schooling. We need student voices, organizations, advocates, and other groups to join us in forming a list of requests for educational institutions to not only operate "normally", but to provide increase accommodations in a time of radical change. Our institutions must prioritize and foster our safety and well-being.
–How to help? Craft demands. Spread the petition. Attend roundtables. Discuss and share points. More details will be shared with volunteers.

Aside from demands, we’re going to be sharing resources (readings, software, helpful organizations, etc.) on the website for educators and students to peruse in online schooling. Academic or otherwise, what materials can we use to make education quality and accessible?
–How to help? Curate or even craft/create resources to make everything from req submission to mental health coping safer with us. Tutorial sessions for educators to use these tools.

We are partnering with Old Laptop Guys and Aha! Learning Center (more groups incoming) to fundraise, collect, and distribute devices to students and families in need so that they can continue not only learning–but potentially generate income and stay on top of things. We believe that internet access should be a right.
–How to help? Strategize on fundraising. Spread the word. Help partner with more groups to collect laptops and devices for students. Fundraise for mobile data and wifi access. Partner with computer shops. Future plans might involve thinking about how to deliver workshops and modules through Facebook Lite.

If you're a student or advocate who would like to get involved, please fill up this form.
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