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Tips for the healthy financial planning
Below description is just our analysis to get you idea about better Return of Investment'. You can choose whatever you are comfortable with, profit will be balanced accordingly.

Student Growth:
Generally, we suggest you to invest Rs. 15000 for two years period minimum, in preferred period which can be quarterly. For the better availability of the students to maximum Rs. 240000 on weekly/ monthly basis saving.

Global Growth:
Generally, we suggest you to invest Rs. 30000 for 2.5 years on monthly basis for the better profit. If you want more then Rs. 3.5-5 lacks for the 4.5 years on monthly/ quarterly basis is better idea, which gives you proper time for profit on return of investment.

SamVan Lifetime:
Generally, we suggest you to invest minimum Rs. 240000 for 6 years as Rs. 10000 quarterly. For higher value, you can invest Rs. 1000000-1500000 for 10-15 years on quarterly basis. Long term purpose is great idea in term of value or higher return also.

Piggy Valley:
It's customizable so choice is all yours, depending on your requirements. Ask our assistance to help you in getting better plan.
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