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Athletes In Schools are now recruiting athletes from all sports, for motivational speaking and part time coaching positions at different schools throughout the UK, starting September 2018.

Are you an Olympian, Paralympian or Team GB athlete? Are you looking for additional income to help support your sports career?

Join our team and benefit from flexible part time work in schools, helping inspire the future generation of champions.

Job Description - As our 'Athlete Ambassador' you will be visiting schools within your local area and delivering inspirational presentations and challenging PE lessons in your chosen sport.

Working Hours: Flexible hours based around your availability on a specific date. (An average day can be 3 - 6 hours)
Pay: Minimum £25 per hour.

PLEASE NOTE: By joining our team athletes are under no pressure to actually work. We believe that an athlete's career is very important, and we are only here to help support the athlete. Therefore there in no pressure from us.

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