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OMLC Online 2020

** Please note that the event is fully booked; only use this form if you have been advised by the OMLC **

If you would like to register for the OMLC Online 2020 workshop and pay by invoice, please read the terms and conditions below and fill in this form. Please note that submission of this form does not guarantee you a place on the workshop. By submitting this form you confirm you have read and agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. You have the necessary approvals from the organisation or individual paying the invoice (please do not apply to pay by invoice until your organisation/funder has approved your participation for the event).

2. The administrative fee for paying by invoice is EUR 45 (not including VAT) and will be added to your invoice. This fee is non-negotiable and non-refundable. You will be liable to pay this fee if cancel your application or participation in the event.

3. If you cancel the invoice or decide not to attend the event after submitting this form and before payment has been made then your liability is limited to the administration fee. You will be issued with a credit note covering the event fees.

4. The invoice payment terms are 14 days. If you do not send payment confirmation within 14 days then your invoice will be cancelled, you will not be registered for the event and you will be issued a credit note for the event fees.

5. You are responsible for paying all transfer or banking fees (other than those which are applied from the OMLC's bank), and if you pay in a currency other than EUR then you are responsible for ensuring that the full EUR fee is paid to the OMLC.

6. Filling in this form does not register you for the event. You / your participants will not be registered for the event until all the steps below are complete:
- This form is filled in and submitted to OMLC
- OMLC confirms that there are sufficient spaces for the applicants
- OMLC will send an invoice to the contact named below
- You will send confirmation to OMLC once the invoice has been paid
- OMLC will send you a unique link to register for the event, bypassing the online payment system
- You will fill in the registration form, providing your details to OMLC
- You will be registered for the event

Contact name *
Enter the name of the person who will receive the invoice
Contact email address *
Enter the email address where the invoice will be sent (please double check)
Billing name *
Please write the full name of the organisation paying the invoice. In the event that an individual is paying the invoice and not an organisation, please write the full name of the individual
Billing address *
Please include street address, city, state/county/province (Not country)
Billing country
EU VAT number
If the organisation is registered for EU VAT you must include your VAT number. Otherwise leave blank.
How many people are you registering for? *
Enter the number of tickets you are purchasing. If you wish to purchase more than 5 tickets please contact us:
Which fee rate are you requesting? *
Prices do not include VAT, which is added as per EU regulations. Please note that early-bird rate is no longer available.
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