18-19 Parent Input Form

Each spring there is considerable discussion about the placement of students in next year's classes. Proper placement of students to ensure academic success is our top priority. The staff and administrative team spend hours forming well-balanced classes in which all students have an opportunity to learn and grow both academically and socially.

It is our hope that by providing a detailed explanation of the procedure that we follow in the formation of classes and the placement of students, we give parents a better understanding of the factors that must go into these decisions as well as the reasons why we cannot entertain requests for a specific teacher.
When classes are formed, we follow a clear set of guidelines.

Classes are formed into deliberate heterogeneous groups keeping the following in mind:
• a balanced ratios (male\female, race)
• establishment of an academic peer group (data supported "alike" learners)
• a full range of aptitudes in each class (data supported range)
• even proportion of abilities and learning styles across the classes
• teacher input for placement
• equal number of pupils in each class (based on student needs)

Once all of these factors have been considered, the placement committee begins to build classes of students who show promise of working well together. At this point, attempts are made to match pupil and teacher personality and style. Teachers meet in vertical teams (3rd grade teachers with 4th grade teachers etc.) to discuss each child on an individual basis when placing them in a classroom. Placement decisions are based on observations made by the teachers during the course of the year as well as data collected on student academic performance. While we welcome your input about your student’s individual needs, we remind you that your comments are just one part of many factors and are not the sole basis of placement.

As explained above, requests for specific teachers cannot be considered. All requests with specific teacher names will be returned. We appreciate any input concerning general learning characteristics and learning environments that will benefit your student.

When forming classes, the final decision on class placement will reside with the school.
**Requests may be made not to have a specific teacher (one) if previous experiences indicate the placement would be an inappropriate match for your child.
**Requests for placement may include requests to separate specific students if previous experiences indicate that
these actions should be taken.
**All forms must be submitted no later than April 30th in order to be considered.

Thank you,
Michael J. Forehand, Ed.D.

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