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For NORMAL access, you can be brief.
For SINGLES access, you should give us some information about yourself.
For PRACTICE LAB access, it's essential that you give us a sense of who you are and what similar exploration you've done before. Also for PRACTICE LAB Access, if you're choosing to list two out of three workshops (The Forest, Fun Little Sex Games, or Adventurous Touch And Intimacy) to show your experience, list the dates you did those workshops here.
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For NORMAL access, you can be brief.
For SINGLES access, you should give us some information here.
For PRACTICE LAB access, more information is better than less.
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For SINGLES Access, it's helpful if you can mention anyone that recommended us to you, but not essential.
For PRACTICE LAB Access, if you haven't done two out of the three workshops listed above, you have to be able to identify someone from the existing PL community that is recommending you. Please give us their full name, and / or forum name. We will contact them to confirm their recommendation of you.
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This question is optional. But since we don't accept everyone that applies, this is one last opportunity to tell us anything further about yourself, or show us that you're well-informed and taking our information seriously.
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By making this booking, I confirm that:
1 I will not reveal the names or any personal details of any person in the workshop (except the facilitators).
2 I have no reason to believe I am likely to fall into an altered states of consciousness (such as extremely strong moods, psychotic or schizophrenic states, numbness, trauma response) where I am unable to communicate and look after myself.
3 I am able to take responsibility for saying ‘no’ to any activity, experience or exchange that is not right for me.  I will put my knowledge of my body and my psychology ahead of anything I am asked to do.
4 I have free will, and if I need to leave the workshop at any time, I can.  If I do, I will let the facilitator know I am leaving if it's possible to do so, or get in touch with the facilitator/s afterwards to let them know why I left.
5 I am an adult and I understand that many of Curious Creatures' workshops are about sex and sexual practices.  I understand that while the organisers are strongly committed to safety, there is no such thing as a 'safe space', and that I am responsible for my own safety.
6 I don't believe I am currently suffering from trauma or abuse.
7 I can understand complex instructions given in English.
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