India Liberty Awards 2021

Indian Liberty awards for freedom recognizes the unique professional and personal achievements of leaders from the Indian liberty movement who have demonstrated exceptional dedication to advancing the cause of liberty. These awards are given to those people, Libertarian or otherwise, who have made notable personal efforts in defense of liberty.

Libertarian Of The Year (*Yet to Open)
For the person who has made the biggest impact in India, raised the profile of libertarian ideas, successfully pushed forward libertarian reforms, created a successful liberty organization or event, and otherwise helped build the movement.

Libertarian Activist (*Yet to Open)
somebody who does not have a large public profile (yet) but who is starting to put in the effort… and we want to encourage them to continue their work and help them to take the next step up to a libertarian Activist.

Young Libertarian (* Nominations are open until 11:59 pm on 23-03-2021)
for the Young Person who did an exceptional dedication & commitment to advancing the cause of liberty. Ideally, this award is for student leaders and Young liberty advocates who primarily engage in educating, outreaching Young people.

* Self Nominations are encouraged
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