RAS WASC Staff Survey
What follows is a survey designed for Redlands Adult School teachers to share about their experience working at RAS. It will be used as part of the 2017-18 WASC self-study to assess our programs and plan for the future.
List the "teacher code word" David gave you.
Your answer
I am an instructor in the following program(s):
I teach at the following facility (or facilities):
I feel I have adequate classroom resources.
The facilities are clean, safe, and well-maintained to provide an effective learning environment.
The school leadership effectively leads the institution toward school improvement.
I trust the school leadership.
The principal effectively leads the institution as both a visionary and academic leader.
I enjoy coming to work each day/evening.
I feel I have a voice in the evaluation of the institution.
New policies and decisions are done in a transparent and ethical manner.
Appropriate funding is available to develop new classes or modify existing classes to meet student curricular needs.
I feel I have adequate opportunities for staff development to stay current with instructional research and teaching methodologies.
My department and I explore new ideas that might be useful to address identified student curricular needs.
I use student learning data to develop personalized plans for students.
I am aware of counseling services available to students at RAS.
I inform students in my classes of counseling services.
I feel supported by the administration at RAS.
I feel supported by the district.
The expectations for student achievement at Redlands Adult School are reasonable.
I feel I have enough time to collaborate with other teachers.
I have enough time to complete my assignments within my scheduled work day.
I feel I am appropriately compensated for my work.
Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience working at Redlands Adult School?
Is there anything else you'd like to share?
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