Authorization for Representation
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I hereby authorize Iron Workers Local No. 387 to represent me for the purposes of Collective Bargaining in the matters of Wages, Hours and other terms or conditions of employment with any employer pursuant to an agreement with Iron Workers Local No. 387.

I hereby authorize any of the Employers or member of any association which has a collective bargaining agreement with Iron Workers Local No. 387, including any renewal thereof, and by whom I may be employed, during the term of such agreement or any renewal, to deduct from my wages, hereafter earned by me, and transmitted to the Union such amount as the Union may certify to be due and owed by me as assessments, the negotiated assessments of regular wages or monies under the Union Constitution, active Collective Bargaining Agreement, or By-Laws, as amended from time to time, at such time and in such manner as instructed by the Union, but not to include contributions made by the employers to the Health & Welfare Fund, Pension Fund, 387 Welfare Fund, Training Fund, or to I.M.P.A.C.T.

This Authorization and assignment shall be irrevocable for a period of one (1) year following the date that it is signed, or until the current Collective Bargaining Agreement expires, whichever occurs sooner, and shall automatically renew itself from year to year, unless written notice to revoke this authorization is given by me by certified mail to the Employer and the Union.

Iron Workers Local No. 387 is authorized to deposit the Authorization with any Employer under contract with Iron Workers Local No. 387 and is further authorized to transfer this authorization to any other Employer under contract with Iron Workers Local No. 387 in the event that I change my employment, during the term of this contract, extension, renewal, modification, or any new contract between the Employer and the Union
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