As of October 2015 we have the following books available to borrow.
The period of loan is one month at a time. Many of the books are privately owned so please take good care of them. We may ask you to pay for the replacement cost of any books returned damaged.
Supersedure : AC Waring
. BIBBA Guide to Morphometry : Albert Knight
A World without bees : Benjamin A & McCallum B
A World without bees : Benjamin A & McCallum B
. Mating in Miniature : Bernhard Mobus
Wisdom of the Bees : Berrevoets E
. Pedigree Bee Breeding in Western Europe : BIBBA Celle
Bee Breeding & Queen Rearing : BIBBA Papers
Hive Management : Bonney R E
The Honeybee Inside out : Celia Davis
Natural Beekeeping : Conrad R
Keeping Healthy Honey Bees : David Aston & Sally Bucknall
Beekeeping and the Law- Swarms & Neighbours : David Frimston & David Smith
From A to B My first year as a Beekeeper : Dearsley J
. Dictionary of Beekeeping Terms Vol 5 : Edited by Eva Crane
The Honey Bee (DVD 43 mins) : Gill Sentinella
Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee : H.A. Dade, IBRA
Guide to Bees and Honey : Hooper T
Understanding Bee Anatomy : Ian Stell, Catford Press
The BBKA Guide to Beekeeping : Ivor Davis & Roger Cullum-Kenyon
Beekeeping Study Notes for the BBKA Exam - Microscopy : J.D. & B.D. Yates, NBB
. Make your own Glass Quilt : John K Mobley
Form and Function in the Honeybee : Lesley Goodman.
The Queen Must Die : Longgood W
The Modified Commercial Hive : Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries & Food
Mastering the Art of Beekeeping Vol2 : Ormoind & Harry Aebi
Microscopy for Beekeepers - Beekeeping in a nutshell No.69 : P Jewell, NBB
Practical Microscopy for Beekeepers (2012) : R Maurer, Beecraft
Pollen Identification for Beekeepers (1981) : R. Sawyer,NBB
Anatomy of the Honeybee (1956) : R.E. Snodgrass, Cornell UP.
The Varroa Problem : Ron Brown
A Spring without Bees : Schaker M
An Introduction to Keeping Bees (DVD 70 mins) : second sight productions
The Buzz about Bees : Tautz J
Reflections on Beekeeping : W S Robson
Haynes Bee Manual : Waring C & A
Bees and Honey - From flower to Jar : Weiler M
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