Mirai no Mori Winter Party Registration form みらいの森ウィンターパーティご登録フォーム
It is that time of the year again! You are invited to the Winter Party 2019: OUR JOURNEY CONTINUES on Tuesday, December 17, 2019. Join us at the party and make a difference for the marginalized youths in Japan!



Mirai no Mori Winter Party


Date: Tuesday, December 17th
日付: 2019年12月17日(火)

Time: 19:00-21:30 (Door opens at 18:30)
時間: 19:00-21:30 (開場:18:30)

Location: HARAJUKU QUEST HALL (3 minutes walk from Harajuku station)
場所: 原宿クエストホール(原宿駅から徒歩3分)http://harajuku-quest.com/e/?pg=access

Dress Code: Casual
ドレスコード: カジュアル(フォーマルな格好である必要はありません)

Guests: 200
定員: 200名

Registration Deadline: As soon as the tickets are sold out
申込期限: 定員に達し次第、締め切りとさせていただきます

* For inquiries please contact(お問い合わせ): events@mirai-no-mori.jp
Registration details - 登録情報
Family name - 名字(ふりがな) *
Given name - 名前(ふりがな) *
Affiliation - 所属(会社名、大学名など)
Email address - メールアドレス *
Ticket/Donation amount - チケット代/ご寄付
*ウィンター・パーティへの参加費の一部はみらいの森のアウトドアプログラムへのご寄付となります。A portion of your payment will be a donation to Mirai no Mori's outdoor program.
How many people in your party (including yourself) - ご自身を含むご一緒される方の総人数 *
How did you find out about this event - このイベントを知ったきっかけ
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Those who responded "Other" above please write the reference below - その他をお選びなった方、下記へご記載ください。
Payment details - お支払方法:
This year we are preparing to hold our biggest event with 200 guests. We would like to ask for your cooperation to make the payment in advance to make the reception smoother on the day of the event. Following your registration, you will receive an email regarding the payment process. Please follow the instructions and complete your donation. You can choose to pay either through bank transfer or credit card.

Please be sure to click on the blue "SUBMIT" button below to complete your reservation.


* For inquiries please contact(お問い合わせ): events@mirai-no-mori.jp
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