Laser Tag Lock-In June 13-14, 2019 (Thursday - Friday) $40
Throughout the summer we go on several fellowship trips that involve our whole group! This is one of them. Any student that is entering 7th grade in 2019 is welcome to go! We will be in Houston, TX at a place called Track 21. We will be leaving the church at 8:30pm on June 13th and returning at 7am on June 14th. Once we arrive we will have pizza and start playing laser tag, glow-in-the-dark mini golf and arcade games - all included in the price of the trip which is $40. We will also have unlimited soft drinks the whole night. There is a room to bring bedding for sleeping - it will be monitored and have lights on the whole night (most kids don't sleep). We will have donuts before we leave from Houston in the morning at about 5am!
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I understand that First Baptist Church APEX Student Ministry partners with God & Parents to guide students to Maturity
in Jesus Christ. 
I understand that as a part of a APEX event, 
I will be expected to strive for maturity, especially in the areas of SELF-CONTROL, RESPONSIBILITY, and WISE DECISIONS. Furthermore, I partner with my peers and sponsors to honor God by following the “Covenant.” I shall Respect & Follow the Instructions of Sponsors / Leaders. 
My body shall not leave appropriate boundaries, but shall remain 
with the group at all times. 
My body shall not engage in inappropriate displays of affection. 
I shall Not bring fireworks, weapons, illegal substances, 
practical joke materials, inappropriate audiovisual equipment. 
I shall report any injury immediately to the sponsors / Leaders. 
I shall not trespass on thy neighbor’s body, or character, but 
shall edify at all times. (Ephesians 4:29) 
I shall strain to know and follow the announced schedule closely. 
I shall observe all event rules. 
I shall pitch in and help whenever and wherever there is a need. 
I shall aim for “Maturity”. Violation of the Covenant will result in loss of privileges and/or being sent home at violators expense, at the discretion of sponsors. Note to Parents: At FBCO, we love students! Our objective is to create environments where students can find God’s greatest expressions of freedom. That happens best when everyone knows the boundaries. We’ve found that when a parents and student sit down and go over these together, they rarely have to be mentioned during our event. Thanks for going over this with your student. By checking yes below you are confirming that the participant and parent/guardian have gone over this. *
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Concerning my youth’s participation in the aforementioned activity, I give Trevor Koonce and/or adult sponsors the freedom and the right to admit my youth to a hospital and to seek the services of a licensed physician should any accident or bodily injury be incurred by my youth during the aforementioned activity.I have discussed the activity with my youth and he/she has assured me that he/she will conduct himself/herself in a manner that will not bring disrespect to the family or church.It is understood that he/she will be chaperoned for the entire time of the activity and that normal precautions will be taken in the interest of their safety and well being. I agree that the church or chaperone will not be held responsible for any accident or misfortune, which might occur in connection with the aforementioned activity. Signature of Parent/Guardian: *
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