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Please sign up below for Clown Gym's March workshops with Mike Funt and Shannan Calcutt. There is a unique signup each month. Learn more about the teachers at

All Tuesday night classes will be held on Zoom with max 15 participants per class. The special text workshop with Shannan on March 30 is for 12 participants.

After you fill out this form I will confirm by email whether you have a spot or are on the waitlist. Payment is required after signup is confirmed, and I will explain how in the confirmation email. Once you pay I will share the Zoom link.

Classes are pay what you can (PWYC), with a suggested price of $20 per class.

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Join us for an evening with Pochinko clown master teacher, Sue Morrison, on March 18th at 8pm EST.
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To sign up for the BIPOC exclusive Power of Play workshops on Sundays with Michelle N Matlock, go here:

And join us at Do the Virtual Clown Show, the first Thursday of each month at 8:30pmET.
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"TRICKSTER" with Mike Funt
Explore the playful and disruptive side of human imagination as it is embodied in Trickster mythos, in Mike Funt’s: TRICKSTER. Utilizing several art forms through the lens of Trickster traditions and mythologies from around the world, come play in a realm where the artist is there to disrupt, mock, provoke, and entertain: the realm of the Trickster. These archetypal figures have served as leaders in communication and healing since our cultural beginnings. They feature as prominent parts of story-telling, tribal rituals, performing arts, and ceremonies in cultures all over the world to entertain and amuse, but also provoke and unsettle. They control through chaos. They give, and they take. They flatter you, and they mock you. They are ridiculous and sublime.

Cavort in the worlds of Dionysian cults in Greece, Anansi in West Africa, Coyote in North America, Sun Wukong in China, and more; Learn about modernist trickster creators like Ray Charles, Moms Mabley, and Salvadore Dali to discover ways to use humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to create a strong point of view;

Perform exercises and improvisations that are carefully constructed to build skills and techniques in rhythm, physicality, imagination, and story-telling that are applicable to many different art forms and discipline.
"Virtual Playground" with Shannan Calcutt
Study with the amazing and inspirational clown master Shannan Calcutt of Cirque du Soleil’s ZUMANITY fame! Play big, risk gloriously and fail better. This class was workshoped and designed to be experienced virtually. It's time to bring the playground into your own home where all the props, toys, and costumes you often wish for in the studio are suddenly at your disposal. Participants must explain to housemates ahead of time that they will be noisy, move throughout the house and be free of inhibitions. It’s recess for grownups! A chance to play, get moving, let loose, be silly and make genuine connections with other fabulous fools. Common side effects include (but are not limited to) feeling more alive, awake, joyful, connected, playful, confident, hopeful, present and creative.
Playground with Shannan
"Virtual Playground with Text" with Shannan Calcutt
In this smaller class, Shannan will send participants a short script and cast list in advance. You'll have a few days to review your lines and stage directions and can adjust as you wish for zoom. If you want to memorize your lines, well, that’d be pretty spectacular! Then you’ll have a little more freedom to abandon the script. As always, we must set the rules before we break them. This is a fun opportunity to experience how clowns approach text.

Max class size: 12 participants.
Text with Shannan
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