TEC #23 Team Application
Thank you for your interest in being on team for TEC #23! If you are selected as a team member, you will be called upon to serve as a Catholic role model exhibiting and advocating Christian values and principles in your life. You must continue your commitment to regular Mass attendance, honor your role in the Church, and your attitude toward Catholic moral social guidelines.

Once you have submitted the Retreatant Application, you will be presented with a link to the payment page for the retreat. Payments are processed through Acceptiva via The Diocese of Austin.

Team meetings are vital in preparation for the retreat weekend to ensure this is the BEST TEC EVER! As a team member, you are expected to attend the FOCUS and POTLUCK meetings as well as any meetings your team agrees upon.

New for TEC #23 are the Team Formation meetings which will include team building activities and guided spiritual reflection. While not mandatory, we highly encourage your attendance!

Sunday, 9/19/2021; 1pm - 3pm; St. Ignatius Martyr Catholic Church - Fr. Payne House (2220 Lindell Ave, Austin, TX 78704)
Saturday, 10/9/2021; 10am - 12pm; Location TBD
Sunday, 11/14/2021; 1pm - 3pm; Location TBD

Date: Saturday, 12/11/2021
Time: 2pm - 4:30pm (5pm Mass to follow)
Location: TBD

Date: Saturday, 1/8/2022
Time: 4pm - 7pm
Location: TBD

Date: 1/29/2022
Time: 3pm - 5pm (Mass and optional dinner to follow)
Location: TBD
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