TwitterChessTournament info
Information gathering for Twitter Chess Tournament 2
1. What is your Twitter handle? *
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2. What is your lichess handle?
(if you don't enter one, we'll assume it's the same as Twitter)
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3. What is your classical rating on lichess?
(just roughly - if you don't have one, put your blitz rating, if you really don't know, don't answer and we'll assume something!)
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4. What is your nationality?
(you don't have to answer, but it's nice for us to know how global our little tournament is!)
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5. When do you prefer to play? *
Please give some detail as to when you'd be most likely to be available for games - eg "Weekends from 8pm". This is important as it will determine which group you're placed in. Please put times in Central European Time.
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6. Are you willing to help out with a little admin for your group?
Hopefully not much work - sending out reminders / chasers to others in your group, reporting results etc. Please don't worry if you can't / don't want to, we don't need everyone to help out. This is really just to help us allocate people to groups to make sure everything runs smoothly!
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