Assess Your Entrepreneurial IQ
This assessment will give you an interpretation if you can handle the lifestyle of an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is more than saying it. Being an entrepreneur is a process of growth, development, failure and success.

Scoring - 1 point for every true answer. This number represents your entrepreneurial IQ.
If you score 9-10 = Very Good - You are highly compatable as an entrepreneur and will more than likely thrive.
If you score 6-8 = Satisfactory - You have tendencies as an entrepreneur and could possibly survive if given a structure.
If you score 0-5 = Questionable - Not that you won't make it, but you will work harder at trying to enjoy what you do.

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1. I think about starting a business often while I'm at work. *
2. As a child, you looked for ways to earn money instead of getting an allowance. *
3. I am responsible for my own fate and I don't look for anyone else to do it for me. *
4. I am afraid to take a risk *
5. I can handle having incomplete information before venturing into a new project. *
6. When I am passionate about something, I can work on it for days and sometimes sacrifice myself for getting the proper rest. *
7. Just because a product can be sold for less doesn't mean everyone will buy it. *
8. I am not afraid to hear the word "no." *
9. When you have an idea that you are excited about, you rarely allow anyone to talk you out of it.
10. You don't mind earning a commission or getting paid when the work is done. *
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