Apply for Science Media SAVVY
Entry to Science Media SAVVY workshops is by selection. There is usually high demand for the 12 available places in each SAVVY workshop.

After the closing date, we review applications with the aim of assembling a well-balanced group of participants across a range of research fields, experience levels and research organisations. We also consider potential media interest in the topic or area of expertise proposed, and motivation for wanting to join the workshop.

Successful applicants for the workshop will be:

- Currently active researchers, in any field, employed in New Zealand
- Able to identify a research project or area of expertise of potential interest to media
- Experienced with media and/or likely to encounter media interest in future
- Highly motivated to strengthen their communication skills and confidence levels

Course fees for the two-day workshop are $595 +GST (subsidised by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment). Additional needs-based funding support is available. For full details, see below.

If you have any questions or encounter difficulty filling in the form below, please contact
Auckland -- 16-17 April 2020
Christchurch -- 4-5 June 2020
Wellington -- 27/28 August 2020
Auckland -- 12/13 November 2020
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Funding support
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Funding support from the SMC covering full course fees is available for two places in each workshop. This is open to researchers at any career stage based on need. Candidates must be active researchers working in New Zealand, and able to articulate how they plan to apply the skills they gain on the course. Established and early career researchers lacking access to professional development funds are especially encouraged to apply. >>>> Do you wish to apply for funding support?
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After clicking 'SUBMIT' below, please send us a CV (showing recent publications, if applicable) to complete this application. Email to with the subject line 'Science Media SAVVY - CV'
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