HMIS Certification Quiz - Vignettes
The second portion of your HMIS Certification will be using Vignettes in a training database to:
- create profiles for a household
- link profiles into households
- document consent forms with HMIS
- create program enrollments
- provide services
- complete status and/or annual assessments
- complete program exits

Completing this survey will provide you with your vignettes, as well as your user name and password for the training database. We HIGHLY recommend copying and pasting these instructions and your vignettes into a Word Document to work from or you may refer to the email that will be sent to you after submitting this survey.

After completing this survey.
Please go to (Please note that Clarity works better on Google Chrome.)

Please use YOUR first and last name as the CLIENT NAME. For children, pick any name for the first name, use YOUR first name as the middle name, and YOUR last name as the last name. (e.g., Julie YourFirstName YourLastName, Julie John Smith)

When completing all tasks, you may need to make-up some of the data elements. For example, if your client has a phone number, but it was not specifically stated in the vignette, please “create” one. e.g., 916-222-5555. Or, if your vignette states your client receives public assistance but does not provide an amount, make up the dollar amount.

We expect that this task will take between 10 to 25 minutes. Please keep your user name and password until you receive a passing score. You will receive feedback on your results within 2 to 4 business days. If you do not initially pass, you will have opportunities to edit your "clients" and program enrollments and resubmit for new scoring.
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Based on your last name, please select one of these User Names for the Training Database to get your Password and Vignette. *
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