TeenSHARP-Greater Phila College Access Ambassador Program Application (2016-2017)
Thank you for your interest in the 2016-17 TeenSHARP College Access Ambassador Training (CAAT) program. The program is designed to prepare youth to lead a college-going movement in their communities and gain access to selective colleges and leadership opportunities.

We welcome all teens who meet the following eligibility criteria to apply for TeenSHARP College Access Ambassador program :
- Applicant must be in grades 9-11;
- Applicant loves learning and is willing to expand his/her intellectual horizons;
- Applicant is passionate about community empowerment and wants to grow as a leader;
- Applicant has requisite family support to successfully complete all components of the program.

The deadline for submitting applications to the CAAT program is April 15th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
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Applicant's General Information
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email Address: *
Be sure to provide your personal (NOT your parent's) email address. If you do not have an email account, please create one that looks like this: firstname.lastname@gmail.com.
Home Address: *
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Home Phone Number: *
Cell Phone Number:
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Gender: *
Birth date: *
Current age: *
Your Race or Ethnicity: *
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How did you learn about TeenSHARP? *
If you received information about the program from a current TeenSHARP scholar or parent, please provide the name.
Applicant's School Information
School You will be Attending During 2016-2017 School Year: *
School Address ( (Street, Building #, City, State): *
School Phone Number: *
School Type: *
School you attended last year, if different from the school listed above:
Grade you will be starting in September 2016: *
Name of your guidance counselor in 2015-2016: *
Guidance Counselor's Email Address: *
Name of your school principal in 2015-2016: *
School Principal's Email Address: *
Program Cost and Financial Aid
TeenSHARP program participation fee is $350 per each program year (this fee includes light refreshments and required books), which represents roughly 10% of the total annual cost of the program per student per program year. Understanding that family circumstances vary, partial FINANCIAL AID will be offered to students based on family income, expressed financial need, and student merit. Additionally, the program will offer a $100 SIBLING DISCOUNT per each child to parents with two or more children in the program. Documents verifying family income may be requested of applicants admitted into the program.

NOTE: We are working to completely waive program fees for students in the Camden School District contingent upon funding.
Please select a category that accurately describes your total annual family income.
4 or more
Under $35,999
$36,000 - 50,999
$51,000 - 65,999
$66,000 - 85,999
$86,000 or above
Clear selection
I would like to be considered for partial financial aid. *
Statement of Financial Need
If you would like to be considered for partial financial aid, please explain your family's circumstances that will make it difficult for you to pay the above-stated participation fee. No applicant admitted into the program will be awarded financial aid without a statement of financial need.
I would like to be considered for a sibling discount. *
Please note that the discount will only be offered if both siblings are admitted into the program. The discount does not cover cousins or other familial relationships.
If you would like to be considered for a sibling discount, please state the name of your sibling currently in the program or applying to the program.
Academic Information
Please list the classes taken during 2015-2016 school year and the grade received in each subject on the final (preferably) or most recent report card: *
Separate classes taken and grades with commas. (Example: English, A, Math, B+, Science, A) Note: you must provide a transcript as part of your application package.
For any class where you received a grade that is less than A-, please explain (1) why were you not able to receive an A grade (we are looking for a thoughtful problem analysis)? (2) what measures did you take to make sure you have an A grade? (3) what lessons did you learn from this experience? (4)  how will you make sure that this does not get repeated in school year 2016-2017? *
Firstly, list classes and grades; separate classes taken and grades with commas. (Example: English, A, Math, B+, Science, A); Secondly, discuss all the questions listed above for every single subject where you did not receive at least A-.
Please list the classes you will take during the 2016-2017 year at school: *
Separate classes with commas. (Example: Honors English, Math, Spanish 101)
Please list all the Advanced Placement classes you have taken to date, the grade level when taken, and grades received.
Separate the class taken, grade level when taken, and grade received with commas. (Example: AP English, Junior Year, B+)
Please list all Honors classes taken to date, the grade level when taken, and grades received.
Separate the class taken, grade level when taken, and grade received with commas. (Example: Honors English, Junior Year, B+)
Please list all college and dual-enrollment classes taken to date, the grade level when taken, and grades received.
Separate the class taken, grade level when taken, and grade received with commas. (Example: Honors English, Junior Year, B+)
Your Cumulative GPA: *
Cumulative GPA refers to the Grade Point Average that is calculated from all grades achieved by a student while in high school. Rising high school freshmen, state NA (Not Applicable) here.  
Your GPA from 2015-2016 school year only: *
List your top three favorite subjects and state your reasoning.
Firstly, list your top three favorite subjects separating each subject with a comma (Example: Chemistry, Social Studies, English). Secondly, briefly explain why you enjoy each subject.
Extracurricular Interests and Activities
List all of the extracurricular activities you engaged in during high school years (if rising freshman, then list activities from middle school),  the number of years involved in each activity, and any leadership positions held: *
Example: (Basketball, 6 years, captain, Church choir, 2 years, Science club, 1 year, Founder and president)
List all of the community service projects you engaged in while in high school (if rising freshman, then list community service performed in middle school), the year(s) when you were involved, and a brief description of each project: *
List any distinctions or honors you have received while in high school (if rising freshman, then list honors and distinctions received while in middle school), the grade level when the honor was received, and a brief description of the accomplishment recognized: *
Applicant's College Preparation and Plans
Have you taken the PSAT? *
If yes, list the date(s) (mm/yyyy) when the PSAT was taken and the total score received:
Separate dates and total score received with commas. Example: 06/2010, 170, 03/2011, 180
Have you taken either the SAT or ACT? *
If yes, list the date(s) (mm/yyyy) when the SAT or ACT was taken and the total score received:
Separate dates and total score received with commas. Example: 06/2010, 1600, 03/2011, 1750
What are your current career interests? *
What are the top 5 colleges you would like to attend? *
List any colleges or universities you have visited, the year when visited, and a brief description of the purpose of the visit. *
Including college campuses visited as part of college tours, summer programs, academic competitions, etc
What is the highest level of education you expect to complete in the future? *
Application Essays
In order to complete your application, please write two essays (250-500 words each) and paste them in the fields below. These essays will allow us to get acquainted with the applicant as a person as well as examine his/her ability to organize thoughts and express his/herself.

Note: we recommend you write your essay in the Word document and save to your computer often. This will help you avoid losing your work.
TeenSHARP College Access Ambassadors are Givers, Strivers, Appliers, Connectors, and Starters. Using a brief description of each of these behaviors provided below, discuss how you embody ANY THREE of these guiding behaviors. Do not TELL us how you exhibit these behaviors, but SHOW using specific examples. *
TeenSHARP students are appliers—relentlessly exploring opportunities to learn and apply.  TeenSHARP students are strivers—embracing rigor and persisting through challenges. TeenSHARP students are starters—poised to create, initiate, and lead in all settings.  TeenSHARP students are connectors-valuing and cultivating supportive and productive relationships. TeenSHARP students are givers—committed to sharing, supporting, and empowering others.
Discuss an issue of local, national, or international concern and its importance to you. *
Transcripts and Interviews
In addition to your online application, please submit your transcript, most recent report card (unless included in the transcript) and state test scores by May 15th. Applicants can request that a copy of their transcript(s) be mailed to "TeenSHARP at Rutgers-Camden Armitage Hall, Fourth Floor 311 N. Fifth St. Camden NJ 08102" or scanned and emailed to madison.rogers@teensharp.org. The transcript should include grades from all years of high school (for rising freshmen, the transcript for 8th grade will be sufficient).

Students whose applications receive the highest grades by the members of the admissions committee will be invited for an interview with program directors and students. Interviews will take place on Saturdays in June.
Parent Information
This portion of the TeenSHARP application must be completed by a parent or legal guardian of the applicant.
Parent/Guardian's (Primary Contact) Full Name: *
Parent/Guardian's (Primary Contact) Email Address: *
Parent/Guardian's (Primary Contact) Home Phone: *
Parent/Guardian's (Primary Contact) Cell Phone: *
Does the parent/guardian (primary contact) live with the applicant? *
If not, please provide the address of the parent/guardian (primary contact):
Relationship to applicant: *
Parent/Guardian Commitment Statement
TeenSHARP believes that parental support and active engagement is vital for children’s success; therefore, the program supports the parent-led Parent Action Network and offers regular workshops to update parents on the topics discussed with children during the TeenSHARP sessions and discuss effective ways how parents can reinforce and encourage children’s learning at home.

Please select "Yes" for each of the following statements to confirm that you are committed to the program's requirements: *
TeenSHARP holds its meetings every Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. In addition to Saturday meetings, TeenSHARP participants will engage in community service projects, conference participation, college campus visits etc. Parents will be provided with a year-long schedule of TeenSHARP events during the orientation. TeenSHARP staff will notify parents at least two weeks in advance if any changes are made to the schedule.
Each of the TeenSHARP sessions and events is designed to achieve the program’s ambitious goals. Therefore, delivering the desired outcomes and your child’s successful completion of the program depend on your child’s regular attendance, punctuality, and completion of assignments.
TeenSHARP will hold several one-day long college tours and one overnight college tour. These tours inspire children’s vision, inform them about college admission requirements and college life, and help determine colleges of their choice. They also allow College Access Ambassadors develop a network of high-achieving college students and college admissions counselors they can later invite to speak at their school. Therefore, it is REQUIRED for all TeenSHARP College Access Ambassadors to be a part of this experience. The total cost of the college tours is anticipated to be $300. TeenSHARP will provide its participants with tools and strategies that have proven to be effective in years prior to raise the cost of the trip.
TeenSHARP operates a Parent Network, a parent-led empowerment and support group. All parents of TeenSHARP scholars are strongly encouraged to participate in the Parent Network activities that focus on supporting students, their college preparation, and leadership development.
TeenSHARP holds 1.5 hour-long Saturday workshops for parents every other month. Participation of parents in these workshops is vital for the children's success in the program and college preparation. Parents are expected to participate in at least 50% of these workshops.
To be able to accurately track and improve upon participants’ academic performance, TeenSHARP will request parental release forms to receive copies of participants’ report cards and standardized test scores.
TeenSHARP college strategist and academic advisor will hold at least one one-on-one meeting with each participant and his/her parent(s) to discuss student’s level of preparedness for college and strategies to accelerate his/her preparation. Further, students will be assigned college prep and leadership mentors who will guide the student towards the implementation of the agreed upon plan.
TeenSHARP is a multi-year commitment. Provided that students perform satisfactorily in the program, TeenSHARP expects students to continue their participation in the program throughout high school years and beyond.
There is an annual program fee for College Access Ambassadors. The entire participation fee is due by the first day of the program (generally, the Opening Ceremony). A deposit in the amount of at least 30% of the balance is due within 10 days of the admissions decision to secure your spot.
Thank You For Your Interest in TeenSHARP!
We look forward to reviewing your application!
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