Hall Rental Form
Use of Undercroft

Use of the church undercroft will be governed by the Rector or Vestry. When using church property other than for a church related function, the church will not be liable, as the person responsible for the use of this property must have their homeowner's insurance be the responsible party.

In order to support church finances, donation will be accepted prior to use. Please call the church office for current suggested donations.

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It is suggested that one person take responsibility. That person will insure use, safety, and be responsible for the group. Prior to leaving, insure that all lights are turned off, no fire hazards exist, and insure all doors and windows are locked. The undersigned understands and agrees to these requirements.
Please submit as soon as possible, along with a deposit to confirm reservation. Deposits can be sent to:

The Church of Our Saviour
Attn: Hall Rental
2112 County Street
Somerset, MA 02726
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