Journalism Application 2020-2021
Complete the following application by Feb. 27 in order to be considered for the staff of, MHS1 or The Lion Yearbook. For questions or concerns about your application, see Mrs. Boehringer in F117 or send an email at or see Mr. Christian in C105 or email

For registration purposes, applicants should sign up for the following classes:

Yearbook/ManestreamNews Staff: Yearbook
MHS1/ManestreamNews Staff: Audio Video Production, Advanced Audio/Video Production
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2019-2020 English Teacher *
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List any activities, sports, clubs or jobs you will hold during your time on staff. Describe your time commitment to each activity. *
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What special abilities, talents or interests will you bring to the staff? *
Please name two current teachers who will serve as a reference for your application. We will contact these individuals to see if they recommend you for journalism based on your level of responsibility and ability to meet deadlines in other classes.
If you are already on a journalism staff and would like to be considered for a producer or editor position, please explain what leadership position you would like and why. How could you better the staff as a leader? Possible Positions: Manestream Editor, Manestream Photo Editor, MHS1 Producer, Social Media Director, Yearbook Editor, Yearbook Photo Editor, Yearbook Section Editor, Yearbook Ads Manager, Yearbook Marketing Manager, Manestream Section Editor
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