Junior Einstein Track Pakistan
Junior Einstein Track acts as a catalyst for innovation and provides a transformative opportunity to broaden the horizon of knowledge among the young curious minds. This initiative aims at empowering the next generation innovators, nurture their ideas and increase their thirst towards finding solution to various social issues. This event makes effort to harness the creative submissions and innovative spirit towards Scientific and technological ideas/innovations from the school students of age 12 to 17 and to get rooted as one of the foremost project competition in the global arena developing a robust scientific temper among the youth.


Team size: Maximum of 4 members.
Participant’s Age: 12 to 17 years. Proof for the same shall be submitted. (Bonafide letter from school or birth certificate)
Team members may come from different academic institutions/industries and from different countries. Only the registered members of the team will be given certificates. Mentor names should also accompany the team registration.
Teams are locked along with abstract submission and no further changes to team members and mentors can be made thereafter.
Teams shall present their working projects in the virtually, explain and demonstrate to the audience and evaluators.
The evaluation will be based on the following criteria: Novelty/ Innovation, Participant’s knowledge on concept / market demand, Technical implementation, Expandability of the project idea/prototype to an actual product or solution, Clarity of pitch.
Plagiarism at any forms or at any stage is strictly prohibited.
Each team is solely responsible for its own cooperation and teamwork.

Registration Fees: 40 USD (per Team)
1st Prize: $500
2nd Prize: $250


It is an exciting opportunity for High School and Pre-University Students to showcase their inventions/innovations in a global arena through ‘Junior Einstein Track’. Students with interest and passion towards helping humanity are invited to register themselves for the competition. The first round of the competition is to be held all over the world in the pilots selected on the basis of registration.
The international winners will be announced at the finals. Winners will receive cash awards, certificates and an opportunity to publish their work as a research article in IEEE digital library.

***The projects can be a software solution or hardware integrated.
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