2018 Spartanburg Christmas Parade Application for General Entry
Electronic Application Form for General Entry

If you are interested in being a SPONSOR for the 2018 Parade, please contact us at spartanburgjaycees@gmail.com so we can get some additional information to you!

2018 Parade Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Staging starts at 4:30 PM & Parade starts at 6:30 PM
Entrants are asked to be in place no later than 5:45 PM
Riders will disembark the float at the Marriott on Daniel Morgan. The Santa Float is the last entry in the parade and generally reaches the Marriott between 8:15 PM and 8:30 PM depending on the number of entries in the parade.

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 30, 2018
WAIVER: All Applicants must submit a Waiver. Waivers can be downloaded from the PDF or Word Application and submitted with payment. If you would like a copy of the Waiver to be emailed to you, please send your request to spartanburgjaycees@gmail.com so that we may assist you promptly.

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A list of available floats can be found on the Jaycees website. Entrants renting a float may choose to have the Jaycees light your float (Lighted) or you may provide your own lights (Self Lighted). Renting floats through the Jaycees is simple; your designated riders need only show up and ride in the parade.

Commercial entries are business and for profit organizations
Not-For-Profit entries include, civic organizations, churches, government entities, 501(C)(3), and similar organizations

Commercial - Self Lighted / $750.00 each
Select Quantity
Commercial - Lighted / $950.00 each
Select Quantity
Not-For-Profit - Self Lighted / $700.00 each
Select Quantity
Not-For-Profit - Lighted / $900.00 each
Select Quantity
Float Add-Ons (Category A Entries Only)
Select float add ons
Music / $75.00 each
Select Quantity (Music is for Category A floats only - Limited quantities available. You provide CD on Parade Day to float driver.)
Generator / $75.00 each
Select Quantity (For Category A "Self Lighted" floats only - Limited quantities available. Generators are included in the cost of Lighted floats.)
Select your choice of floats.
Please select two options. The Jaycees will do our best to fill your first option, however, your float number is not guaranteed until we confirm your float in writing. To view your options, please visit http://www.spartanburgjaycees.net/parade/float-rentals/
Select your FIRST Float Option
Select your SECOND Float Option
All other entries include self-built floats (flat beds, trailers, and similar entries), automobiles, walking groups, etc. ALL Category B entries must be decorated and lit in a Christmas theme according to the Parade Rules and Regulations. Decoration and float designs must be approved by the Parade committee.

Commercial entries are business and for profit organizations.
Not-For-Profit entries include civic organizations, churches, government entities, 501(C)(3), and similar organizations.

Commercial - $200.00 each vehicle/group
Select Quantity
Not-For-Profit - $150.00 each vehicle/group
Select Quantity
Select all that apply.
Early Pay Discount / $-50.00
If Paid in full by November 1, 2018 subtract $50.00
Late Fee / $50.00 each
If Paid After November 30, 2018 add $50.00 each entry
REQUIRED INFORMATION (ALL applicants must complete the following)
The following information is required. Failure to complete the following will result in your application being rejected and returned to you.
Will your entry be playing music? *
Media Information *
For the 2018 Parade, the Jaycees will be recording and broadcasting LIVE on Facebook! Real-time comments with YOUR organization's information will appear on the live feed, and they will also appear in the recorded video that will be available to stream on-demand after Parade Day. Please note that a Character Count Limit has been established so that viewers can easily digest the information while enjoying the Parade. If you need help editing your message for content or length, please email us at spartanburgjaycees@gmail.com so that we can assist your organization in making a lasting impression on all of our parade viewers!
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Describe your entry in detail *
Category A applicants should put N/A or Not Applicable in the box below. All Category B applicants must complete the following. Please make sure you list your plans for lighting and decorations. Describe your entry in detail, include a sketch or picture if available. How will your entry look? Will there be any characters (elves, Grinch, etc..)? Santa Clause may not be displayed, in any manner, on any entry. ENTRIES MAY NOT THROW CANDY OR ANY OTHER ITEM FROM A FLOAT. Candy may only be distributed by walkers hand-to-hand to spectators.
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Total length of entry in feet *
Category A applicants should put N/A or Not Applicable in the box below. All Category B applicants must complete the following. Total length must include all vehicles, trailers, etc. so that we reserve enough space for your organization in the Parade Staging Area.
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Electronic Signature
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The undersigned does hereby confirm that I am authorized by the above company/organization to enter into the Spartanburg Christmas Parade. I confirm that I have read and understand the Christmas Parade Rules and Regulations, as well as the Parade Float and Entry Requirements, and that our group, organization, or company will abide by these rules, regulations, and requirements. The Spartanburg Jaycees may hold the parade in inclement weather. I understand that there is no rain date. Refunds for a rain-out or other cancellation of the parade caused by forces beyond the control of the Spartanburg Jaycees will be at the discretion of the Spartanburg Jaycees.
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