CTS Annual Meeting Eval 2017
Salve Regina University June 1-4, 2017
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1a. Welcoming Activities: How welcoming was the Convention? If you attended any welcome activities, please indicate the extent to which you found the activities helpful: *
1b. We invite your suggestions for other ways to help newer attendees feel welcome and comfortable:
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2a. Please indicate your satisfaction with the first plenary: Most Reverend Stephen E. Blaire, DD: The Church and Popular Movements: Signs of Renewal *
2b. Please indicate your satisfaction with the second plenary: Timothy Matovina, Catholic History and College Theology in 21st Century America *
2c. Please indicate your satisfaction with the third plenary: Sr. Patricia Wittberg, SC, The Pentecost Challenge: Proclaiming the Gospel in New Parish Cultures *
2d. Please indicate your satisfaction with the fourth plenary: Issues and Questions in American Catholic Theology Today (Mary Doak, Anthony Godzieba, Katherine Mahon, and Cyril Orji)
2e. Please share additional comments about the plenary sessions.
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3a. Sectional Meetings: Please indicate how many sectional meetings you attended: *
3b. Of the sectional meetings you attended, which were the most worthwhile to you? Why?
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4a. Accommodations/Meals: Please indicate your level of satisfaction with the accommodations and meals provided by Salve Regina University: *
4b. Suggestions to improve accommodations/meals:
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5a. Use of Space: Evaluate the space for the plenary sessions. *
5b. Use of Space: Evaluate the space for the book exhibits. *
5c. Use of Space: Evaluate the space for the sectional meetings. *
5d. Use of Space: Evaluate the space for the coffee breaks. *
5e. Use of space: overall comments on space and buildings or suggestions for improvement. *
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6. Suggestions for future themes and volume editors
Feel free to suggest as many themes as you would like. Ideally also suggest 1-3 people who might be well qualified to edit an Annual Volume on your suggested topic. It is fine to include yourself!
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7. Suggestions for future locations and local coordinators
Suggest a campus where we might meet and a local coordinator (usually a CTS member working on that campus); please feel free to volunteer yourself and your campus!
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8. CTS Board Leadership: Please nominate people whom you would like to see serve on the Board of Directors (include yourself if interested). Include nominations for President and Vice-President:
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9. Additional Recommendations: Do you have any further suggestions for creating a Convention that would be more responsive to your professional needs?
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