Strong Chicks Rock Business Mentorship
Hey Babe! I'm so excited you want to join SCR.

Below is an application to join my 1:1 business mentorship. This application doesn't promise a spot, but it does open up a conversation with us so we can make sure it's a right fit for the both of us!

Can't wait to learn more about you, and talk to you more about your goals!

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If something isn't a HELL YES for me, I'm out. If we hop on a call and this is a HELL YES for you, are you willing to make the investment in yourself to hire me as your coach?
If you knew there was a proven step by step system that would guarantee that you reach your success not just financially, but from a passion and creative standpoint at well—would you be willing to make that invest in yourself even if you were nervous to dive into something that's so different than everything you've ever known to be true about running your business?
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