Volunteer Sign Up - National 12 Bell Contest
Thank you for considering volunteering at the 12 Bell Final at Exeter Cathedral on Saturday 22nd June 2019.

Hundreds of bellringers from across the country will be descending on Exeter for the day. We will be selling food, running a bar and making sure the contest itself runs smoothly, and we need your help!

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Many of the volunteering roles involve working with other people, and we'd like to make sure you're grouped with people you know.
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Which tasks would you like to help with?
Please tick as many options as you like - we won't actually make you do all of them!
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Setting up before the contest
Welcoming and signing people in
Serving food and hot drinks
Bartending (over 18s!)
Looking after judges, tech and broadcast teams
General site management
Clearing up afterwards
When are you available to help?
This isn’t a commitment to work all these times! We will only ask you to volunteer for one or two hours at most, unless you are incredibly keen to do more.
Saturday 22nd June 2019 *
If need be
Morning/lunchtime (selling food, beer, stewarding etc)
Before 10.30am (set up and welcoming)
Afternoon (beer, selling tea and cake, stewarding etc)
Late afternoon (beer, stewarding etc) - after ringing has finished
After the event - clearing up
Before and after *
If need be
Set up: Friday morning
Set up: Friday afternoon (before 6pm)
Clear up: Sunday morning
Volunteer polo shirt
We would like all volunteer helpers to wear a royal blue polo shirt so that they are easily identified during the day. The shirt will be 100% cotton and will have the Exeter Cathedral 12-bell logo on the front and our sponsors' logo on the back. We are asking for at least a £5 contribution towards the cost of purchase.
What size do you require? *
Polo shirt cost *
Any requests?
Do you have a burning desire to do a particular role, any specific time requirements, or are there other volunteers you would particularly like to be grouped with? Let us know and we will try to make it happen!

Please feel free to add any other information you haven't been able to enter elsewhere.

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