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My purpose of asking these questions is for me to get involved in depth to you, your business, your product or service. I will be able to isolate and focus on the appropriate designs that give values to your market. This process will help me to design from an informed perspective.

Kindly answer the questions with the complete details, it doesn't need to be complex, as long as you can provide the complete details.
Basic Information
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In Depth Information
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What kind of project are you interested with?
How much are you willing to invest for your project?
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Your target date of completion?
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Who are you?
What is your business, product or service name? Do you have or want a slogan or tagline?
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Your objectives
Where do you want to go with your business? How would you like to see your business grow? What are your short range goals after launching?
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Desired results and vision
How would you like your business to be perceived by those experiencing it on a daily basis?
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Target market
Who is your audience? Your primary demographic focus? How do you see your business engaging with them?
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Who is your primary national or local competition? (Directly or Indirectly) How is your company different from them?
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Success Criteria
Define how you will judge a successful project?
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Project Voice
What do you want your identity to say about you? How would you like to see people react to it? What personality should your brand have?
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Color References
What is your favorite and least favorite color? Explain why.
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Gauging perception
Name a brand logo you like and explain why. What is something most people like that you don't like or care for in respect it's design aesthetics?
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Where would you like to be in ten years with your business?
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Additional Input
This is your opportunity to be part of the creative direction. Feel free to share any additional comments you think are important to take into consideration as I begin the creative process. If you have any visuals that clarify your input in this brief please include those within and email and send them to:
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What keywords best describe your business?
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