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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in presenting at Georgetown's 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference, sponsored by the School of Nursing and Health Studies and organized by the Department of Human Science.
Please direct any questions/comments/concerns to

Before completing your application, please make sure to consult with your mentor/primary investigator about your participation in the Conference.

All applicants will receive a confirmation email with another link to submit your poster within a week of the application deadline.

Poster template, abstract/poster guidelines and info sheet can be found at:
All presenters must adhere to the abstract AND poster templates and guidelines. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Abstract submissions / application will be due by Tuesday 3/19 11:59pm.
Poster submissions will be due by Friday 4/5 at 11:59pm.

The conference will be held on Tuesday, April 16th, 2019 with two poster sessions. We will send more details about signing up for a presentation time slot once the registration deadline has passed.

Finally, once you submit your application, a LINK to EDIT YOUR RESPONSES will appear. Please SAVE that link if you would like the option to make corrections to your submission before the registration deadline has passed.

**Note: The URC Planning Committee reserves the right to deny student presentations if the poster template/guidelines are not followed.**

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This is most likely the faculty member that is directing this work. Please be sure that you have consulted with your Mentor/PI about your participation in the Conference before completing your registration.
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If there is more than one student presenting the poster, please list their names here. This should not include additional authors on the poster, rather additional presenters at the conference.
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Each abstract should contain the following: 1) Title: Not to exceed 100 characters (with spaces) 2) Author Names 3) Author Affiliations 4) Body Description: A complete abstract should include a statement of purpose [Background],[methods] used, and a [summary] of results in sufficient detail to support the [conclusion]. Statements such as “results will be described” should be avoided. No more than 5 [references]should be listed. Any financial support for the project should be acknowledged.**The URC Planning Committee reserves the right to deny abstract submissions that do not adhere to all abstract submission guidelines.** 250 word maximum
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Does your research involve work with Human Subjects? *
The regulation defines a “human subject” as “a living individual about whom an investigator conducting research obtains (1) data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) identifiable private information….Private information must be individually identifiable (i.e., the identity of the subject is or may readily be ascertained by the investigator or associated with the information) in order for obtaining the information to constitute research involving human subjects.” Please keep in mind that all students working with human subjects must be sure to include their IRB approval number on their poster.
Would you like to be considered to deliver one of the 3 oral presentations? *
Those who check Yes may be asked to schedule to meet with URC committee members to discuss the content of their presentation.
Which poster session would you be able to attend? Consider each session where you'd be available for at least 30 minutes (i.e., you do not need to be there the entire time).
The Georgetown University Journal of Health Sciences would like to publish an abstract book from this year's URC. Do you give permission to publish your abstract online? *
Please consult with your PI before checking yes
Would you be interested in nominating your faculty mentor, who has advised you with this project, to receive the Allan Angerio, Ph.D., Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentorship (to be given at the conference)? *
If you answered yes, 1. Please type in the name of the individual (ie. First name, Last name, Title) 2. How long have you been working with your mentor/advisor? 3. How would you describe your mentor in one word, and why? 4. Explain why you believe your mentor has gone above and beyond to deserve this award. Please number your responses.
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Please list any concerns or requests including but not limited to language interpreters, dietary restrictions, and ADA accessibility. The URC will be glad to accommodate. *
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When submitting this application, a link to "edit your responses" will appear on the screen. Please save that link if you would like to make corrections to your application. Email confirmations to all applicants will be sent out after the registration deadline has passed. *
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