Parent Workload Survey
Triton Parents, we are interested in your thoughts about the amount of work your children are receiving. This survey is anonymous. Please take time to complete this survey. Please answer as honestly as you can
Grade Level of Student *
Where are your children's teachers POSTING their assignments? *
Where are your children's teachers asking you to SUBMIT your completed assignments *
As the parent or guardian, rate the amount of work your children have received during distance learning *
As a parent, in which of your children's classes have you observed them receiving the most work? Check all that apply. *
What is the ONE thing that makes distance learning a challenge for your children? *
When your children encounter any challenges in school, who is the first person they go to for help with their work? *
Which support system from school do your children use to get help from the teachers? *
Which video-conferencing tool is your children's teachers using to host the synchronous instructions?
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Do your children attend synchronous or live sessions every day? *
If you had to choose which video-conferencing tool, which would you prefer? *
If you had to choose which learning management system to use, which would you prefer *
Are there any additional comments that you would like for us to consider as we look to improve your children's experience during distance learning?
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