Application: 2021 Wisconsin Farmers Union Summer Staff
As you may be aware, we are approaching summer 2021 with cautious optimism, gathering as much information as we can about best practices and integrating guidance from the CDC and local public health authorities, the American Camp Association, and the Association of Camp Nursing.

We expect, if it is possible to run camp sessions this summer, to do so in a risk-managed way. We cannot eliminate the possibility of COVID-19 at camp; we can only manage our approach carefully to reduce the likelihood.

Farmers Union Camp will look different this summer. Our first tier registration priority is to offer an opportunity to previously-attending camp families to register groups of family and friends AS A CABIN COHORT. These cohorts will function independently, doing all activities together, and not interacting with the other cabin groups. Activities will be primarily outdoors. We are planning for reduced capacity in these cabin groups: no more than 10 total in each cabin. Since the group is self-selected and will only interact with each other, masks may not be needed at all times, but will need to be worn when the group is interacting closely with anyone outside of the cohort.

So, for the first tier registration group, camp families are being asked to create a cabin group of their own choosing, and, ideally, to identify at least one responsible youth aged 16 or older to accompany the group and serve as an in-cabin helper.

The cabin helpers will serve a very important purpose: we are planning to keep our seasonal summer staff at a physical distance from campers to reduce the possibility of a staff person being exposed unknowingly during one session and then being in close contact to another session of campers just a few days later.

While camps are in session, we plan to lodge the summer staff just outside each cabin in a tent - within earshot, just steps away, capable of supervising through a screen window or open door, and able to enter the cabin for a short period, masked, if necessary. This approach will make it more likely that our staff can serve multiple camp sessions in a row with lower risk to themselves.

To facilitate this, we will be expanding our existing Leader-in-Training (LT) program to invite these age 16+ cabin helpers, ideally identified by families as part of the cohort (an older sibling or cousin, a babysitter, etc.), to serve as volunteer leaders. If a cohort group cannot identify their own cabin helper(s), we will be attempting to meet this need by recruiting age 16+ campers from the same local area to volunteer in this capacity. Obviously, the lowest risk scenario is to have the cabin helper be part of your family/friend bubble.

(These older youth can use this opportunity to gain service hours and also to get a chance to experience aspects of the job of summer staff (camp counselor); this is a great way to see if they might like to apply for a full-summer job when they are older.)

Regarding Senior Camp (ages 14-18): we expect to permit "regular" open registration (starting with those who were registered to attend last year) but with similar reduced-size and cabin-cohort-only interaction for Senior Camp. It will be a shortened session of four days, June 23-26, with no add-on Co-op Trip this year.
Obviously, these are unusual circumstances due to the pandemic, and we look forward to when we can resume more typical camp operations. In the meantime, we are making every effort to foster the "spirit" of Farmers Union Camp in a way that manages risk for our staff, our organization, and our camp families and their communities.

To be as inclusive as possible, we will again be delivering virtual camp activities this summer, paired with a "Camp-In-A-Box" offering. The summer staff will be involved in planning and leading these activities as well, mostly likely primarily during the weeks when the WFU camps are not in session.

For those interested in a Camp Cook position: We are open to accepting applications from local applicants, but to adhere most closely to our COVID-19 risk management plan, along with preparing three meals a day, our preference is to hire cooks who can live onsite for the summer as members of the summer staff (shared accommodation with the camp counselors).

Camp session dates are as follows:
(Jr/JH = Junior/Junior High Camps, ages 8-14 | Sen = Senior Camps, ages 14-18)
Jr/JH 1 - June 16-19
Jr/JH 2 - June 20-23
Sen 1 - June 23-26

Jr/JH 3 - July 7-10
Jr/JH 4 - July 11-14
Jr/JH 5 - July 25-28

Jr/JH 6 - Aug 1-4
Jr/JH 7 - Aug 4-7
Jr/JH 8 - Aug 8-11
Jr/JH 9 - Aug 11-14
Sen 2 - Aug 15-18

I expect there may be many questions about our plans for the summer, and I'm happy to chat with you via email or phone. Please don't hesitate to contact me at or 715-214-7887.
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What type of position do you want at camp? Check all that apply. Minimum age requirement is 18+ except for: Summer Staff Trainee | Leader-In-Training/Cabin Helper | Outreach Volunteers - all these are 16+. Lifeguards, cooks, and medics ages 16-17 may be considered as long as they work under the direction of someone age 18+ in that role.
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In addition to the overnight camps at WFU Kamp Kenwood, summer staff & LTs may be needed to staff outreach events statewide during the summer (pending pandemic conditions - many of these may not happen for summer 2021). Limited meal reimbursement/mileage are allotted. Rental cars are used when possible (drivers must be 21+ for rental cars). Check all that apply.
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The camp's policy is to prohibit all form of harassment by our employees. This includes sexual, racial, religious, and other forms of harassment. Have you have been accused of harassment of any person including, but not limited to, workplace harassment? (Note: a prior accusation is not an automatic bar to employment. The type of accusation and when it occurred will be evaluated by the camp before any decision is made.)
Provide any explanation regarding an accusation of harassment, if applicable.
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Is there anything else we're not thinking of that you'd like to ask - or raise - here? We are making this road as we walk it, so we welcome your input and concerns.
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By checking "Yes, I agree" below, the applicant authorizes investigation of all statements herein, including any checks of criminal records, and releases the camp and all others from liability in connection with the same. The applicant understands that, if employed, they will be an at-will employee unless there is an agreement or law that alters that status. Furthermore, the applicant understands that any agreement must be in writing and signed by the designated camp official. The applicant also understands that misrepresentations or falsifications herein or in other documents completed or submitted by the applicant will result in dismissal, regardless of the date of discovery by the camp. The applicant also understands that if an offer of employment is extended, they will be required to supply the employer with a recent medical examination and M.D./R.N.’s statement that they have undergone any required immunizations to permit working closely with children, and the offer will be probationary, pending a full criminal background check and drug test.
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