Standards Matter 2: Public Sector Survey
As part of our review into ethical standards in the public sector, the Committee on Standards in Public Life wants to hear from public sector professionals. We want to know what you think about the culture, policy and practice in your organisation towards standards.

We are interested in the general approach of your organisation as well as any specific issue you have encountered. So, if you feel that your organisation has shown a consistent pattern or approach towards issues of propriety and ethics, and that lessons can be learned from that approach, we would like to hear from you.

Equally, we would be interested to hear about one-off experiences of propriety and ethics in the workplace. We are looking for both positive and negative experiences - your example can be a case where the Seven Principles of Public Life were either upheld or undermined. We are particularly interested in any policy or process that was followed on any specific issue, what concerns were raised, and your satisfaction with any outcome.

Please be aware that the Committee on Standards in Public Life is not a regulator, and cannot investigate any individual incident or progress any complaints. Evidence contributed in this survey will be used to inform our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the UK's system for regulating and upholding ethical standards. We will not comment on any specific case.

All submissions will be completely anonymised, and can be made on a fully confidential basis.
Question 1: General Approaches
Use this section to describe the general approach of your public sector organisation to ethical standards.
A: Does your organisation show a consistent approach to ethical standards? How does that manifest itself in the culture of your organisation? Please specify what type of public sector organisation you are commenting on - e.g. parliament, central government, local government, service provider etc.
B: Do you have a Code of Conduct and complaints process for ethical issues? How well known is this Code within your organisation?
C: Does your organisation undertake any training or induction designed to create a culture of high ethical standards? If you have had such training, did you find it helpful?
D: Do senior leadership in your organisation actively encourage high standards of high conduct? If so, how do they do this? If not, how could they improve their approach? what is missing from their approach?
E: Is there anything other public sector bodies can learn from your organisation's approach to ethical standards?
Question 2: Specific Issues
Use this section to describe an individual issue of ethics or propriety that you wish to share with the Committee.
A: Please outline the specific issue of propriety and ethics you wish to share with the Committee, including relevant contextual information.
B: Did any senior leadership (including line managers) in your organisation engage with the issue? What was their response?
C: Was any corporate policy or process used? For example, was a Code of Conduct or a Statement of Values referred to?
D: Were any formal standards regulators engaged at any time? Did you submit a complaint to an ombudsman or a standards watchdog? If so, what was your experience engaging with that regulator?
E: As a result of your experience, is there any element of policy, process, or standards regulation that you believe needs changing?
Confidentiality and Contact Details
The Committee may use anonymised answers to this form in quotes and case studies in its final report, due for publication in September 2021, unless you wish us to keep your submission confidential. Confidential submissions will be used to inform the Committee of the general picture of ethical standards across the public sector but will not be used in any publication.
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