Nomination form to submit candidate papers for review by the SIGSAC CACM-Research Highlights committee.

We thank you for your nomination! 
Details of the nomination process are provided on the Nomination Process Document ( We list only the most important aspects here.

Eligibility: All security papers published within the previous two years will be considered as candidates by the committee. Authors may not self‐nominate. 

Selection process: The committee will select for nomination to CACM those 3-5 papers per year that will benefit from the broad exposure afforded by CACM, taking into consideration:

  1. the technical quality of the result (work must be a strong, novel research contribution),
  2. the likely interest from computer scientists in other areas and accessibility to a larger audience in the ACM community, 
  3. the potential to create excitement (papers should have a little extra “pop” that sets them apart even from other strong results in their field), and
  4. the potential to summarize the results in an 8‐page paper.

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