Acceptable use of the school's ICT systems and internet: agreement for parents/carers
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When using the school’s ICT systems and accessing the internet in school, my child will not:

Use them for a non-educational purpose
Use them without a teacher being present, or without a teacher’s permission
Access any inappropriate websites
Access social networking sites (unless a teacher has expressly allowed this as part of a learning activity)
Use chat rooms
Open any attachments in emails, or follow any links in emails, without first checking with a teacher
Use any inappropriate language when communicating online, including in emails
Share their password with others or log in to the school’s network using someone else’s details
Give out personal information (including their name, address or telephone number) to anyone without the permission of a teacher or parent/carer
Arrange to meet anyone offline without first consulting their parent/carer, or without adult supervision
They will not bring a personal mobile phone or other personal electronic device into school.
I agree that my child can use the school’s ICT systems and internet when appropriately supervised by a member of school staff. I agree to the conditions set out above for pupils using the school’s ICT systems and internet, and for using personal electronic devices in school, and will make sure my child understands these.
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