OFHS Theatre Concert & Event Tech Sign Ups
Please use this form to sign up to earn points for ITS doing tech/ushering for any of the many concerts and events that take place in the OFHS Theatre. Please note that signing up through this form does not guarantee that you will be selected to work the event as some events do not require a lot of people. Please check your email or text for confirmation that you will be needed. Please also check this form regularly as new event dates will be added throughout the year and you can submit multiple sign-ups as needed.
Full Name *
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Which Concert/Event would you like to sign up for? (Check all that apply & Please do not check one that is on a date that you are unavailable) *
What would you like to do for the concert(s)/ event(s)? (check all that apply, please do not check a role that you do not have the proper training for) *
If you have a question or you have been specially requested to do something for an event please write it here:
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