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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 31th Boston Freedom Rally! Please enter the following information and someone from the Volunteer Committee will be in touch to confirm your participation. As a volunteer, you are supporting cannabis education, free speech, civil disobedience, and advocacy.

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About Masscann
The mission of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition (MassCann), is to educate the public in the Commonwealth about Cannabis Sativa’s potential as an ecologically sound resource, medicine, and recreational substance, and to build a consensus for a more moral and rational public policy regarding all uses of the cannabis plant.

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Volunteer roles
BOSTON BRIAN'S CREW: Bones is the backbone of MassCann event logistics. They show up first and leave last. They will organize the set up of MassCann's festival staging and Education displays. Boston Brian's Crew are the problem solving tokers that no task can defeat! Load-in is Friday and Saturday morning. Tear-down is Sunday.

CLEAN UP: These are the dankest of souls that volunteer for MassCann. They not only love Cannabis but also the earth from which it blooms. They pass out trash bags and encourage the crowd to be respectful of the historic Boston Common.

EDUCATION: We aspire to educate the voting public and our legislators that there is no honor upholding Prohibition, it is harmful to overreact and pass laws that kill the entrepreneur and the patient. If you can discuss history, social justice, and everything else, please join the Education Committee to help guide the public through the issues.

HOSPITALITY: We are pleased to offer an area for our speakers, volunteers, and bands behind the Main Stage for rest and food. Volunteers will greet and look after our guests, and keep the area nice and clean.

MAPPING: Very early on Friday, mark all the boundaries for subsequent set-up; all stages, tents, venders, recycle containers, food carts, all have to be clearly marked, so that Bones Crew can escort everyone to their proper place for set-up.

MEDIA TEAM: We are looking for videographers with a love for Cannabis and film. Media Teams will capture the Rally and create our story. All content created will be screened for release on all MassCann Social Media platforms with attribution.

MERCH: We have a table with branded souvenirs available for a donation. These include the little articles that make up a Grouch Pouch (papers, grinder, lighters) and tee shirts to commemorate the event. We also answer all questions at the Merch Tent. (A. A grouch pouch is named after Groucho Marx and brothers who wore a little pouch of weed on a string around their neck.)

OPERATIONS: Ops is responsible for MassCann's vendor load-in and the organization of guests and speakers. These quiet people oversee the organizing, the scheduling, and the logistics that keep things running smoothly, letting our guests shine.

TRANSLATORS OF ASL: We want to make our music lyrics and speakers' comments available to the hearing impaired, and would appreciate ASL volunteers, not only at the Rally, but also at meetings of the board and members.

VOTER REGISTRATION: The whole point of the exercise is to vote in laws and regulations that are not harmful to the community. We as activists encourage everyone of age to let our legislators know that we will vote them out if they don't do their jobs. Thus, we start everyone's activist career with registering them to vote.

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