Digital Connections Student Application
Thank you for your interest in Hook Arts Media's Digital Connections program. Four Film Fellows will be selected to take part in our Digital Connections program that provides advanced training in filmmaking, training, and placement as a Media Educators, mentorship and networking with NYC film industry professionals. The goal of the program is to place all Fellows in a paid internship and/or job in the NYC Film and Entertainment industry by the close of the program.

Candidates must be 18-26 years old, not be currently enrolled in a full-time college program, and have had some previous filmmaking training.

The program runs from June-December 2020. Details below.

All Digital Connections students will be paid an hourly minimum wage while participating in the program.

Please feel free to call Maria Soriano, Director of Education: 718 643-6790 x1 or email our Media Education Team at:

Deadline: May 1, 2020
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