Our Wild SD Outreach Application
Thank you for your interest in an Our Wild San Diego Outreach program to your school! Please fill out the application completely and honestly. Remember you are only applying for YOUR class, if other teachers in your grade would like to apply they must also fill out the application. If you are a Middle or High School science teacher, you may apply for an outreach for all applicable periods that you teach. Questions: please call 619-409-5908. Note: This does not cover Composting for Kids Program, Discovery Stations, Spotlights, or Special Events.
Will we be able to schedule you for an outreach in Fall 2019? *
Applicant Information
Please include the name & information of the teacher that is applying. He/She will be responsible for making sure all requirements of the grant are met and whose class the outreach will be conducted for.
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School Information
Must be a Preschool or K-12th grade school within the county of San Diego. Preference is given to North County Schools and/or Title 1 schools.
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Class Information
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If your class is special day please make sure to choose grade level and mark that they are a special day class
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Middle or High School Only: How many periods are you applying for? Total number of students?
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If chosen, which outreach should we register you for? *
If chosen, please list at least (3) potential dates we can register you for: *
Must be within 2019 (ends Dec 31, 2019)
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Sponsorship Information
Have you participated in a Living Coast outreach in the past? *
Have you received a sponsorship from the Living Coast in the past? *
How many outreaches do you bring to your class each year? *
What are your challenges/barriers when bringing in an outreach? *
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If referred by a friend/staff member, please include person's name and email address in the "other" box
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May we use your response(s) in anecdotal accounts reported back to our grant funders? *
This helps our development team secure more funding opportunities for future sponsorships.
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