Coming Together for Creative Experiences Programme: Presentation & Film Info
Presenters fill in as much information as possible about what they can offer.
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Culture/Ethnicity/Country of Birth *
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Subject matter of your presentation/workshop/art/craft *
Do you have a title for the workshop? If so, please put it. Otherwise, we can do this later.
What would you be teaching exactly (culture and art/craft)--what would participants be learning? *
Give a short description of yourself as the artist/crafter (short bio) *
What resources & supplies are needed for the activity? (Shama will pay for these) *
What other technology needs do you have, such as laptop and projector for a presentation?
Do you have suggestions of what cultural/ethnic food we could serve to go along with your presentation?
Do you have a website, FB, Instagram, etc page linked to your art/craft? If so, tell us.
If you have a programme structure in mind for the workshop (2.5 hours), please state what activities will be done. If not, we can do this later.
If you have any film/movie titles that are related to your culture/ethnicity/country of origin or your art/craft, please state the title and a short description of the film/movie and how it relates. If not, we can do explore this later.
Would you be interested to co-facilitate, with the Shama Coordinator, the film screening and the discussion that will follow?
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We will run 4 x 30 minutes of radio shows on topics related to your art/craft and culture/country. Do you have any ideas for good radio show topics or any suggestions for guests for the show? If not, we can do this later.
Would you like to be one of the radio show guests on the show, at least once? (The shows are pre-recorded, not live.)
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What would be your preferred month to present? (Day, time and venue still to be confirmed) *
Do you have any other ideas you'd like to share about your participation?
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